Your new new year's resolution!
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Your new new year's resolution!

Published: 17 Mar 2010 - in organising and planning
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We bet you had no problem making your Christmas list for Santa n December, organizing drinks parties with friends and buying lots of presents for your husband to be. However, if after the festive season has passed and you have no energy to do anymore planning so your New Year’s resolution is to do some more organizing for your wedding, we have a few planning suggestions to help you out.

Similarly to the majority of us, you have most likely overspent this festive season, but no matter whether you are just starting, in the middle of or nearing the end of your wedding planning, you still have time left to re-organize your budget. By creating a wedding budget at any point during your wedding planning, you can have a good idea of where you can be more adventurous and where you can cut back. Using a budget planner will help to guide you through each and every stage of your wedding planning. Furthermore, with the economy the way it is at the moment, you can apply the skills you have acquired from your budgeting to everyday life.

We all use ‘to do’ lists at some point in our daily life to make the most of your days and we suggest you make an official ‘to do’ list for your wedding. Similarly to your budget planner, your ‘to do’ list is another way to help stay organized and keep track of how much of your wedding planning you have already completed, starting with the largest tick box such as your wedding venue, to the smallest of jobs. If you are a little unsure of exactly where to begin on your list, has an excellent to-do list tool which will help guide you through every stage of your wedding planning, regardless of how far along you already are. We can send updates to your email as often as you request so that absolutely nothing s forgotten about.

From our experience, one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning is the bridesmaids. Previously, we have lightly discussed how to choose them, but now we will try to help you organize them. It will be considerably easier to choose the bridesmaid dresses, shoes and other accessories if they are with you at the time. Providing you plan ahead with the girls, you will have plenty of time to make any adjustments as there are likely to be some disagreements on length of dresses and the height of heels. This way, everyone goes away happy and you have a little more time to focus on yourself.

Top tips from

  • Plan your budget well in advance to spread out the spending
  • Creating a ‘to do’ list will make sure your planning stays in order
  • Involve your bridesmaids in your planning, particularly when you come to choosing the dresses.

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