Creating Your Own Wedding Invitations
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Creating Your Own Wedding Invitations

Published: 28 Jun 2012 - in invitations
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It can work out very cost-effective to make your own wedding invites, and it’s never been easier to do it. You can download various programs from the internet that make invitation design super simple, with different templates and fonts to make them really stand out. Just make sure your printer is stocked with good quality ink and that you have glossy paper or card to print the invites out on.

You could even use a special photo of you and your fiancé, and write the details of your wedding on the back of it. If you have children together you could get them to do a drawing and you could incorporate that into the design of your wedding invitation; something guaranteed to make your guests go ‘aww’.

If you want to get really crafty, you could customize colored card with ribbons, glitter and dried flowers, as well as other pretty finds from craft shops and stationers. Write the details on them in a metallic toned pen, and you’ll have stunning invitations that your guests will want to keep forever.

A bit of melted wax can be applied to the invite and stamped with yours and your fiancé’s initials to create an embossed stamp for a really grand, regal look.

Of course these are just a few ideas; there are plenty of other ways to create your own invites by using your imagination and some craft shop finds! You’ll be amazed at what you can create and by how much your guests will appreciate their handmade invites, with all its touching personal details.

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